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Texas Lottery Commission Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting our site. Our privacy statement is set forth below. We will generally post a notice for a reasonable period of time alerting you to the issuance of a revised statement on the home page of this site. Please always reread our privacy statement if you see such a notice.

General Philosophy and Questions

We respect your privacy. We provide you the following information to help you understand more about the information we collect on this site and how we use that information. Please direct any questions you may have concerning our privacy statement to: customer.service@lottery.state.tx.us.

The Information We Collect

Automatically Collected Information. We automatically record your domain name, your email address, and the pages of our site that you visit. We use "cookies" and "IP addresses" as a means to gather this information. These devices permit the exchange of certain data, i.e., your domain name, between your browser and our web server. In addition, we collect the email addresses of those individuals who communicate with us via email or who give us their email address.

Information Voluntarily Submitted. We also collect any information that you voluntarily provide us through email or through forms on our website. When you convey information to us, you are authorizing us (and all third parties authorized by us) to use, transmit, disclose and store such information for all purposes necessary to consummate the transactions you have requested.

How We Use the Information We Collect

We use the information we collect to personalize your experience while visiting our site, e.g., to retrieve information previously saved by you such as search results. We strive to present you with the information which is most pertinent to your specific needs. We also use the information to operate and improve our site, to gather aggregate user and customer information, and to provide you with information about our products and services. We may, for example, send you email announcements concerning a new product or service that we offer or news or notices of upcoming events using the information we collect on this site.

Unless Required by Law, No Sharing of the Information We Collect With Third Parties

Except to process transactions you request as explained above, and except as required by law as is explained further below, we will not share any personally identifiable information we gather about you with anyone else. The information we collect will be retained and maintained as required by Texas records retention laws (Government Code, Section 441.180 et. seq.) and rules. Different types of information are required to be kept for different periods of time. The Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, provides public access to certain government records. The Texas Lottery Commission is subject to the Texas Public Information Act. More information regarding open government laws, can be found at: https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/open-government/open-reports-and-publications

Disclosures Required Under Applicable Laws

We will disclose the information we collect to third parties, e.g., governmental agencies, when we are obligated to do so by law.

We Are Not Responsible for Linked Sites

This site contains links to other sites. We do not control the authenticity, accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of outside information on any links. We are not responsible for the privacy statements, or lack of statements, at sites not within the domains of texaslottery.com, txlottery.org, txbingo.org and lottery.state.tx.us or any future domains to be acquired.