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Texas Lottery Commission Rule Review

Texas Government Code Section 2001.039 directs each state agency to review and consider for readoption each of its rules every four years. During the review, the Commission must assess whether the reasons for adopting each of its rules continues to exist.

The Commission must vote at a public meeting to publish notice of the Commission’s intent to review specific rules in the Texas Register. After the time for public comment has passed, the Commission will take one of the following actions in regard to each rule in 16 Texas Administrative Code Chapters 401, 402, and 403: readopt, readopt with changes, or repeal the rule.

If the Commission readopts a rule, notice of the readoption will appear in the Review of Agency Rules section of the Texas Register, but the text of the readopted rule will not be published. Any proposed repeal of a rule or any proposed amendment to a rule will be published in the Proposed Rules section of the Texas Register in accordance with procedures set out in Chapter 2001, Subchapter B, of the Government Code, and will be the subject of an additional 30-day comment period before final repeal or final adoption.

Because of the Texas Register publication deadlines, a notice of intent to review specific rules will not be published in the Texas Register until at least two weeks after the meeting at which the Commission votes to publish notice of its intent to review specific rules.

Once a notice of intent to review specific rules has been published in the Texas Register, the Commission will post on the Commission’s website a link to the published notice.

Rule Review

Texas Administrative Code Chapters

Chapter Name Proposed Rule Review Approved at Commission Meeting  Notice of Intent Published in the Texas Register Public Comment Period Ends Rule Review Adopted at Commission Meeting
Chapter 401 Administration of State Lottery Act 10/10/19 10/25/19 11/25/19 06/11/20
Chapter 402 Charitable Bingo Operations Division 10/10/19 10/25/19 11/25/19 06/11/20
Chapter 403 General Administration 10/10/19 10/25/19 11/25/19 06/11/20


You may submit comments by:

  • Facsimile to (512) 344-5189, Attn: General Counsel - Rulemaking
  • United States Mail to: General Counsel - Rulemaking, Texas Lottery Commission,
    P.O. Box 16630, Austin, TX 78761-6630; or
  • Email legal.input@lottery.state.tx.us